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Welcome to MZLAZine![edit]

The MozillaZine knowledge base is currently locked (read-only). The forums are still active. The admin had announced a plan to shutdown the web site and a few days later became unreachable. MozillaZine has free hosting at OSL and it appears the problem is that the admin did not have the time available to switch from using several old dedicated machines to a OSL centrally managed virtual machine. We found a potential replacement admin who is willing to do that but since they never talked (the admin has been unreachable for over a year) the future of MozillaZine is unclear.

This wiki was created as a way to provide a update for the Thunderbird knowledge base articles, and possibly as a replacement if the shutdown resumes. There is no access to the wiki markup anymore so I'm using Pandoc to convert the HTML web page to MediaWiki format, editing them as needed to remove HTML artifacts, and update the content when I add them to this wiki.